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Some other church online services available for you to visit

Winnetka church of Christ

Services at 10:45 AM and 2:30 PM  (Minister Bruce Evans)
Services are via Youtube

To connect to the online services, click here
This will show all recorded services

When a service is in progress, click on the picture identified as "live"
When a service is NOT in progress, prior services may be viewed by clicking on any service

Kirkland church of Christ

Service at 10:30 AM  (Minister Brent Hunter)

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO OPEN ONCE IT STARTS, IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO: 1)  If you sign on before the service starts, click on the Red Live button once it starts
2)  If you sign on after the service starts
when the message "This event hasn't started yet" appears
click on LIVE NOW at the top right corner of the screen
You may need to
click the four little arrows in the lower right corner of the screen
click on LIVE NOW at the top right corner of the screen

Prior Sermons

Wednesday night class @ 7:00pm

Studebaker Road church of Christ

This opens to the web page showing a sequence of services all in one livestream
      Spanish Sermon @ 10:00 AM
              Communion @ 11:00 AM
       English Sermon @ 11:25 AM

To enter the service at Communion and the English Sermon, Click on
(Link for live viewing of all services http://youtube...........)
on their web page at 11:00 AM
NOTE: the youtube name here changes every week
check for the current date in the upper left hand corner

Prior Sermons

Los Osos church of Christ

Service at 11:00 AM   (Minister Brent Willey)

Click on the Arrow head or click on "Watch on Youtube"

Prior Sermons

Northwest Valley church of Christ

Service at 9:00 AM   (CA time)   (Minister Aaron Burleson)

Click on the LIVESTREAM Logo and the service will start

Prior Sermons

Norwest church of Christ

Service at 7:05 AM   (CA time)   (Minister Andy Cantrell)

Live audio-only streaming

When the website comes up, there is link with a note mid page about their streaming services
"note: this only works during our actual services. You may get an error otherwise"

Current and prior Sermons on Facebook

Temple Terrace church of Christ

Sservice at 9:00 & 11:00 AM (Florida time)   (Minister Don Truex)

Prior Sermons

Their covid plan

Iglesia Cristo Murua

Iglesia de Cristo - Cerro de la Silla

Iglesia de Cristo NLV

Northside Church of Christ

Iglesia de cristo el rio

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