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Recordings from old Cassette Tapes

The sermons on this page were recorded at the Lassen Street church of Christ in the 1970s to 2000s. They were recorded on cassette tapes mainly so that members who missed a service would be able to obtain a copy and listen to the sermon on their cassette tape player. Copies also were made for members who would take a copy and visit a 'shut in' person so they could listen to the sermon on their cassette tape player. Wanting to save some of this history, they have been converted to an online format and added to our web site.

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Aaron Burleson 2006 - 2008
Al Craig 1980 Gospel Meeting
Andy Cantrell 1998 - 2000
Berry Kercheville 1999 Gospel Meeting
Bill Dievendorf 1998 - 2000
Bob Owen 1987 Gospel Meeting
Brent Hunter 1997 Gospel Meeting
Brian Dockens 1998
Brian Faulkner 1998
Bruce Evans 1996 - 1997
Bruce Tower 2006
Bryan Byrd 1998
Chris Simons 1996
Colly Caldwell 1985 Gospel Meeting
Dann Walker 1979 - 1987 Marriage & Divorce, Ecclesiastes, Others
Danny Thompson 1994 Gospel Meeting
Daryn Teague 1996 - 2000
David Eakin 1990 Gospel Meeting - Bible vs Evolution
Dee Bowman 1992 Gospel Meeting
Don Alexander 1987 Gospel Meeting
Don Ashton 1996 - 1997
Don Bassett 1983 Gospel Meeting - Attitudes
Don Truex 1998 Gospel Meeting
D J McKnight 1999
Ed Sanderson 1991 Gospel Meeting - Church Growth
Forrest Moyer 1995 Gospel Meeting
Harold Comer 1998 Gospel Meeting - Growth, For Reaching/Converting the Lost
Harry Pickup 1981 - 1988
Homer Hailey 1979 Gospel Meeting - Ephesians and Hebrews
Jady Copeland 1981
Jack Critchfield 1998
Jeff Davis 2000
Jerry Dockens 1997
Jim Popple 1986
Joe Meyers 1983
John Trokey 1982 Study of the Minor Prophets
Johnnie Edwards 1992 Gospel Meeting- Believe the Bible and teach it to Others
Jon Dewbre 1998
Ken Sterling 1990 Gospel Meeting - Back to Bible Basics
Kenny Marrs 2006
L L (Louie) Stout 1994 - 1999
Larry Bustetter 1997 - 1998
Larry Houchen 1997 Gospel Meeting
Mark Ramsey 1998 - 1999
Mike Freeman 1993 Gospel Meeting
Mike Odorizzi 2000
Olin Hudson 2000 - 2006
Paul Ashton 1997 - 1998
Paul Warfield 1998
Peter Wilson unknown Gospel Meeting - Prayer
R J Stevens 1980 Gospel Meeting - Prayer
Ralph Walker 1996 Gospel Meeting - The View from Biblical Mounts
Richard Terry 1998
Robert Johnson 1995 Gospel Meeting
Robert Turner 1982
Rod Boston 1995 Gospel Meeting
Rodney Miller 1988 Gospel Meeting
Ron Rasmussen 1980
Rudy Cooper 1998
Ted Wilson 1993 Gospel Meeting
Tyler Wade 1999
Walt Hunter 1983 - 1998
Wilson Copeland 1999 Gospel Meeting

These tapes were recorded long before we had computers, ipads, cell phones etc. They have been stored since then and were never used (except as noted above) that we know of. There are probably 500 tapes more or less; too many to make it practical to include all of them. Therefore, only a sample for each speaker has been added. Unfortunately, many tapes were stolen when we had a robbery several years ago and many sermons were lost.

These tapes were recorded on low price, generic tapes so long ago but most of them are still in good shape and have been successfully converted. Some of the recordings do not have the best sound and and have unwanted noise, but with computer software, sound has been increased and "noise" removed with some success.

Sometimes the tape is not started until after the sermon has started and sometimes the speaker runs over the minutes that will fit on the tape. Either way some of the sermon is not recorded. There are other times when the tape is started 1 to 3 minutes before the speaker begins to speak. This made it necessary to remove that unused front end which leaves less time for the entire sermon to be completed. The sound sometimes fades when the preacher walks away from the microphone.

The objective in doing this is not only to make these sermons available to anyone who wants to listen to them but to provide gospel teaching to anyone who might be converted by listening to them.

In addition to the sermons on this web site, there are two web sites where more old sermons have been recorded. Check them out.

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