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The Big Picture

Welcome to this section of our web-site which serves as a resource and guide for using The Big Picture of the Bible by Ken Craig, as an effective way to share the gospel in today's harried age.
Image So many people wish they knew the big picture of the bible, but it all seems so difficult or time consuming to discover. But what if there was a way to hear about and know the big picture in less than 1 hour? It is possible! Are you someone seeking to understand the gospel and the proper response to it? Are you interested in learning not just the what about the death of Jesus, but the why? Then look no further. This presentation is done in an hour or less. It explains how the whole Bible fits together, what the true gospel is, and how it is the "power of God unto salvation".

If you are interested knowing the big picture of the bible please contact us ( email ) and we will be glad to share it with you at a time and place that is convenient for you.

There are multiple ways to view The Big Picture depending on your preference for study.

      play now      Sermon by Brent Hunter (57 minutes) with attached Big Picture slides    

      play now      Video by Bruce Evans

      play now      The Big Picture PDF Flipchart with comentary    

      play now      A short video (11 minutes) on YouTube    

      play now      A long video (54 minutes) on YouTube    

      play now      A very long three part series videos (53, 40, 57 minutes) on YouTube    

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