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We strive to be the church described in the New Testament

A church of Christ at Lassen Street is a group of Christians attempting to follow God's word, the Bible, as closely as we can. We are not a part of any human denomination or creed. We are not governed by any one man or organization. In our worship services, we do not follow any rules but those found in the Bible, the inspired Word of God. The Bible is our only rule of faith and practice.

We welcome any visitors who are interested in worshiping or learning more about God. We encourage any and all questions. If you believe that anything we do is contrary to God's word, we would appreciate your comments and would like to sit down and study the scriptures to find out God's ultimate will. We would love to study with you at any time and at any place, if you are interested. It is our goal to spread the glad message that Jesus came to save, so all of us might go to Heaven one day.

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We encourage you to browse through our pages and get acquainted with our family.     Come visit us for worship, and grow with us through Bible studies.

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There are many scripture references throughout this site
For a desktop, when the mouse is hovered over a scripture, the text of that scripture will be displayed in a "box" on the screen
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The material found within this web site is free to everyone. The price was paid when Jesus died on the cross. Feel free to use any of the content found within this web site for the spreading of the Gospel.

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