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Resistant to the Darts of Fire

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NKJ Ephesians 6:16
above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

The enemy's favorite weapon is a simple temptation, Paul describes them like "Darts of Fire".

a. This means the devil's temptations are meant to penetrate each person's mind.
    To disturb all kinds of thoughts and good behaviors.
b) To penetrate the soul and separate it from being holy and acceptable to GOD.
c) To pursuit man's faith. To create all kinds of personal justification and excuses.

There's fire in our lives when we let the darts get to us.

a. This starts in our youth, when we cross the line of innocence to being responsible.
b. And when we, as christians, take the shield of faith for granted and lose guard.
c. When we let some of the darts, some of the temptations, pass into our hearts.

How destructible is the enemy's fire when the darts hit us deep?

a. There is fire·over people's heads when they have sinned against someone else.
b. There is fire-in our tongues that creates devastation with gossip.
c. When our words are offensive in the presence of GOD.

See for yourself how much evil can come to us when we are off guard.
You need to know that those darts of fire have no over over you, except for when we a1low them to get into our lives, the results can burn for eternity.

NKJ Matthew 5:29-30
29 "If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your member perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.
30 "And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.

This is the reason why the Apostle Paul uses the expression "Above all'.
The Shield of our own Faith.
'Above all' means to protect every single part of us, not giving place to the devil.
Believing and putting all your trust in GOD and His Son Jesus Christ without fear
or doubts, but fervent and rejoicing in the hope of eternal life.

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Javier Villa, Minister            
Sunday Morning 08/04/2019

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