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The map works well on a dekstop with Windows 10 and looks like this.

The map does not work well on an ipad. According to the documentation I have found Safari and Chrome (the ones I have tested) are not programmed to work like on the desk top. It will create a completely new link, which you can use but it means swaping back and forth between the web page and the new link page. There is an option which is not really a good one but it is workable.

In Safari, you can split the screen on the ipad which will show two pages on the ipad at the same time. This does not work in Chrome at all.

To do this:
  In Safari, access the web site and click on "MAP"
  This will open the map as a separate link
  Touch and hold that new link and drag it to the left or right edge of the screen
This will cause the ipad screen to show both the web page and the map

The split screen should look like this.

Another option is to print the map and use it as you go through the web site.

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